Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Commercial Roof-top Solar Power Plant

1. What is a Solar PV System and how does it work?

PV (Photo Voltaic) or Solar panels, converts light (Sunlight) directly into electricity (DC current).  Simply put, a Solar PV system is a power station that generates electricity from sunlight. 

2. What are the main components of a Solar Power Plant

1. Solar Panels or Modules: Solar panels consist of a group of small cells made from semiconductor material. When the sun’s light falls on the modules, it excites the electrons, thereby creating direct current (DC).
2. Solar Inverter: The DC electricity goes into an inverter that converts it into alternating current (AC). We use AC for running our household or office or factory equipment.
3. Storage Battery (optional): The best use of solar energy is to consume it while it is being generated. If the requirement is to store this power and consume it in the non-sunny hours, then solar energy can be stored in batteries for later consumption.

Utility Scale Solar Power Plant

3. Why do I need Solar Power Plant at my premise ?

  • Free Green and Clean Energy
  • Reduce Energy Bills; will make you money
  • Solar Energy is reliable and affordable
  • Good for the planet; Zero pollution
  • Easy to Install and almost Zero Maintenence
  • Sunlight is available everywhere and it's free of cost

4. Will solar System power my Air Conditioners & Refrigerator ?

Yes...! Solar power can power each and every device at your home or office. Solar power is the same as the current you receive from the State Electricity Board.


5. How will a solar system be helpful for me at night ?

Since solar power generates electricity directly in accordance with sunlight, solar systems won't generate any electricity at night. BUT that doesn't mean that Solar systems won't be helpful. In the case of On-grid Systems, Solar will still save you money at the end of the month. Moreover, Off-grid system will utilize the help of the battery to power your home at night.